Flash Animation Hints



Vector vs. Bitmap Graphics.

Vector graphics-lines and curves.resolution independent.

Bitmap graphics-pixels arranged in grid. resolution specific.

Drawing Tools

Paths-anchor points, corner points, smooth points.

Merge Drawing and Object Drawing

MERGE DRAWING MODE: merges shapes that you draw when you overlap them. the top most shape cuts away the part of the shape below it that overlaps. The stroke and fill are independent objects.

OBJECT DRAWING MODE: creates objects that are separate. you can overlap the shapes without altering their appearance.  self contains shapes. the stroke and fill are not separate elements. when shape is selected, a rectangle box bounds it.

mergeobject copy

-draw straight lines with the primitive Line Tool

go to the MENU—-Window>Properties  (you can select  and alter attributes of choice in this window)

Draw with Shape Tools

-draw rectangles and ovals and basic geometrical shapes

using Merge object drawing for primitive shapes allows you to change the attributes in the property panel. You can modify the shape’s shape, fill, stroke joints, corners etc.

using Object drawing for primitive shapes doesn’t allow you to change the corners and other attributes in the property panel— instead it uses the last attributes chosen.

Tip: Shift drag while drawing with the oval  shape to constrain the shape to a circle.

Polystars, polygons, ovals, squares!

Draw with Pencil Tool


Paint with the Brush Tool


pick fill and color…

The Brush mode Modifier selects painting modes:     Paint Normal-Paint Fills-Paint Behind-Paint Selection-Paint Inside

use the Variable Width Tool to embellish your strokes!

Linear and Radial Gradients can be applied and edited…Select an Object on the Stage.  Select Window>Color.  Select a color or gradient here.

Stacking Objects...Select object on stage…Select Modify>Arrange>Bring to the Front, or Send to the Back, (moves the object to the top or bottom of the group).  Select object…Select Modify Arrange>Bring Forward, or Send Backward, (moves the object 1 position forward or back in the stacking order).

Aligning Objects...Select objects to align… Select Window>Align

Grouping ObjectsSelect objects to group…Select Modify>Group

to Ungroup...Select object…Select Modify>Ungroup


Motion Tweenif you set properties for an object in one frame and again in another-you can then interpolate the property values of the in between frames.It creates continuous motion or transformation between the frames.

Classic Tween-similar to Motion Tween but can be tweaked more

Shape Tweens- changes the shapes or drawings between frames.  Interpolation morphs the shapes from one to the next.

Frame by Frame Animationdifferent art placed in each frame. Similar to traditional animation. Appears as if the frames are playing back like frames in a film.